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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Director of Leisure Services
The fundamental reason this position exists is to perform administrative duties in overseeing the daily operations of the city's Leisure Services, which includes the Zoo and Parks and Recreation Department. The employee acts in an advisory capacity on all Leisure Services administrative matters and serves as a liaison to other city departments, outside government agencies, and the community. This position supervises and coordinates the development of service mechanisms and the delivery of services related to recreational, cultural, and leisure time activities, related to meeting the social service needs of the citizens. The essential functions include: overseeing activities of the Leisure Services departments; developing short and long range plans; receiving and handling complaints and requests from the public; working on special projects, events, and programs; and supervising management level employees. This position reports directly to the Mayor.
The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Oversees activities of the departments related to Leisure Services which includes Parks and Recreation and the Zoo following the Mayor's directives in order to ensure the consistent application of programs and services.

Supervises and coordinates the work of all organizational elements within departments.
Reviews personnel actions such as hiring requests, restructuring requests, and disciplinary actions for departments.
Advises department heads regarding services, projects, programs, financial management, resource management, etc.
Analyzes city issues and problems and works with department heads to identify solutions to Leisure Services issues.
Develops consensus and direction from elected officials on local government policies.
Provides direction and technical guidance to the Leisure Services departments.
Evaluates the effectiveness of existing programs while monitoring and evaluating compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.
Develops or directs the development of programs to correct compliance issues.
Oversees emergency planning to meet the city's needs.
Reviews major requests for service from the general public and directs appropriate actions.
Establishes department programs, functions, and direction.
Sets goals and objectives and monitors progress.
Reviews organization patterns, work relationships, staff responsibilities, and organizational structures to ensure effective functioning of the departments.
Meets with executive, supervisory and administrative employees to discuss and resolve budgetary issues, review projects and programs, establish or redirect priorities, review policies and procedures and implement improvements.
Coordinates Leisure Services operations with other city departments, and state and elected officials.
Prepares and presents studies, plans, reports and recommendations effecting the Leisure Services departments.
Coordinates the utilization of departmental resources among divisions.
Maintains awareness and ensures compliance with existing and new regulations, legislation, statutes, laws and administrative rules that govern Leisure Services operations.
Establishes city design, construction and maintenance standards for Leisure Services improvements.
Reviews the design of complex and difficult construction activities.
Acts as a technical advisor to the Mayor and City Council on Leisure Services programs and activities.
Meets with vendors, contractors and/or consultants regarding Leisure Services departments.
Prepares budget estimates for the departments.
Provides strategic direction and oversight of all Leisure Services operations and activities.
Prepares and submits, as required, periodic reports on the status of programs, plans, and the actual delivery of services.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Develops short and long range plans for overall direction of the Leisure Services departments to include developing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures in accordance with current professional standards.

Monitors operations in order to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and programs and identifies problems to be addressed.
Directs activities in researching and developing or revising policies and procedures and programs.
Analyzes reports and information received and makes decisions regarding development and enforcement of new policies and procedures and programs.
Approves and directs the implementation of department policies and procedures and programs.
Participates in city-wide strategic planning activities.
Develops and/or supervises the development of plans, procedures, and programs related to the delivery of the various services for which the Leisure Services departments are responsible.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Conducts administrative duties for the Leisure Services departments using budget information, personal computers, city rules and regulation, and state law to include budgeting and project management in order to assist the Mayor and other public officials in managing the department's budget and keeping officials informed of programs and plan status.

Manages the preparation and execution of operational and capital budgets.
Authorizes and monitors expenditures and makes budget adjustments.
Responds to requests for information and assistance from the Mayor, city council, employees, outside agencies, and the public.
Develops and tracks budgets for Leisure Services departments.
Researches and analyzes current practices and trends in Leisure Services administration.
Oversees budget administration for Leisure Services departments.
Serves as the Mayor's liaison in communicating with department heads and other city staff.
References city ordinances and resolutions, state laws, policy manuals, and other materials in order to provide accurate information.
Provides information and data to other departments and offices within the city government to facilitate the development of plans, programs and implementation activities as necessary to support overall developmental activities and for dissemination to the public.
Receives and handles complaints or requests from the public.
Develops and maintains effective working relationships with citizens, constituency groups, business and community leaders, volunteers, council members, department heads, and/or the media in order to plan work and resolve problems.
Gives speeches to civic groups and professional organizations concerning Leisure Services programs.
Researches and gathers pertinent information regarding problems or complaints in order to identify solutions.
Refers the public to appropriate city resources that would provide requested services.
Composes letters, memos, e-mail documents and other material in order to respond to complaints or inquiries.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Manages special projects, events, and programs as assigned by the Mayor in order to provide effective and efficient city services and programs.

Prioritizes projects based on needs and urgency in order to handle several tasks within established time frames.
Establishes project plans and procedures in order to accomplish project goals.
Reviews budget reports, financial statements, and requests for proposals (RFPs).
Monitors continuous projects.
Plans, directs and reviews all Leisure Services activities to include all phases of design, survey, inspection, and maintenance.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Supervises two or more employees, at the management level, following personnel rules and regulations and Mayor's directives in order to ensure consistent application of programs and services throughout the City of Montgomery.

Defines job duties and requirements of the various classifications in the department, and communicates those requirements to employees and to the Personnel Department.
Sets standards for performance of employees.
Evaluates employee performance and counsels employees concerning strengths and weaknesses.
Recommends and oversees the administration of disciplinary action to improve unsatisfactory performance to include written reprimand, suspension of up to five days or other disciplinary action.
Recommends to the Mayor more severe disciplinary action to include demotion, suspension of more than five days or dismissal.
Selects, supervises, trains and evaluates professional, technical, and administrative support staff.
Supervises managers responsible for the administration, department operations, planning, organizing, implementing, and monitoring the activities of the Leisure Services departments.
Periodically conducts formal reviews of the work being performed and the personnel responsible for such performance.
Knowledge of youth and adult leisure programs and operations as needed to identify effective programs for possible use in the city and to develop and manage the City of Montgomery's recreational activities.

Knowledge of materials, methods, equipment and manpower used in Leisure Services department operations.

Knowledge of laws, ordinances, regulations and statutes which govern Leisure Services functions.

Knowledge of project management principles including contract management and cost analysis.

Knowledge of strategic planning principles.

Knowledge of the organization, interrelationships and operations of the City of Montgomery Leisure Services departments including their missions, goals and objectives.

Knowledge of the principles, practices, methods and equipment employed in modern municipal operations and services.

Knowledge of modern management methods as applied to municipal administration.

Knowledge of local, state and federal laws, regulations or procedures pertaining to employment such as hiring, discipline, termination, working conditions and handling employee complaints.

Knowledge of the principles and practices applied to the organization, management, and administration of Leisure Services programs and services.

Knowledge of principles and practices of budget administration.

Knowledge of financial management and fiscal planning procedures.

Knowledge of personnel management and supervision principles as needed to manage employees at all levels to include delegation, evaluating their performance, counseling and assigning human resources.

Skill in oral communication as needed to explain policies and procedures, discuss problems, and to address civic groups or the media.

Skill in written communication as needed to prepare or review written documentation, develop policies and procedures and prepare reports or correspondence.

Ability to organize, plan, assign and direct the activities of a large group of diverse employees performing a variety of administrative and service activities.

Ability to direct the operations of multiple city departments as needed to ensure all departments are functioning effectively and efficiently.

Ability to maintain discipline and earn the respect and confidence of subordinates.

Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, City, County and State officials, dignitaries and the public.

Ability to plan and implement short and long range plans as needed to reach established goals.

Ability to establish and implement effective community/public relations programs as needed to communicate the city's Leisure Services programs to the public.

Ability to identify needs in terms of staff development programs and to establish and implement effective employee relations and staff development programs.

Ability to read and understand complex legal and technical material such as laws, regulations, and manuals.

Ability to make difficult decisions under time constraints to ensure the best procedure is implemented.

Ability to gather information and facts, analyze information and staff input and to make decisions regarding the city's Leisure Services department policies, procedures, operations and long range plans.

Ability to consider the facts in order to make fair decisions or take appropriate action without interference or personal bias.

Ability to identify legal concerns and to analyze the legal and practical implications of decisions and actions and to make difficult decisions regarding city operations while ensuring compliance with local, state and federal laws or guidelines.

Ability to balance competing interests and to make decisions which will benefit the city.

Ability to enforce rules and regulations and to administer disciplinary action to include counseling employees on expected job performance or firing employees.

Ability to garner support and cooperation from staff and volunteers in order to implement the policies and programs aimed at improving the city's services.

Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously.

Ability to prioritize projects and tasks as needed to accomplish goals and meet deadlines.

Ability to be diplomatic in handling irate citizens as needed to resolve complaints and problems.

Ability to coordinate multiple city department efforts as needed to complete projects and plan for special events.
Must have a Bachelors Degree in Recreation Administration, Public Administration, Business Administration or closely related field. Must have five (5) years of Leisure Services managerial experience to include policy and procedure administration or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience must include Director level administration and supervision of personnel.
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