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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Airport Police Corporal
Partially Exempt
This is specialized law enforcement and limited supervisory work providing protection for civilian aviation passengers, visitors, aircraft and facilities. Essential functions are: provides security protection, writes and maintains records and reports, works with outside law enforcement agencies, assist and gives information to the public, and supervises Airport Police Officers. Employees in this class exercise supervision over Airport Police Officers on an assigned shift and reports to the Airport Police Sergeant.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of non-essential functions is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Provides security protection for civilian aviation aircraft, passengers and maintains airport equipment.

Checks security equipment to make sure that it is working correctly such as microwave beams.
Monitors Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in order to detect unauthorized entry to restricted areas.
Ensures that entry points are functioning properly.
Ensures that runways and taxiways are free from unusual and unauthorized activities that could create hazards.
Monitors aircraft movement and emergency activities on the air field.
Patrols the airport for unauthorized vehicles and/or individuals.
Maintains all airport police equipment in operating condition and notifies the shift supervisor of any equipment malfunction.
Works in traffic control and perimeter patrol as required.
Watches vehicles that are parked in the parking lots for theft or vandalism.
Checks to see if the fire extinguishers are workable by walking through on first floor and climbing the stairs to the second floor checking clamps, hoses, etc.
Assists the checkpoint personnel when necessary.
Gives vehicles security clearance by using the computerized monitoring systems.
Relieves other Airport Police Officer every two hours or when necessary.
Makes a security check of private and corporate hangars, fuel farms, building, fences, parking lots, gates, airport and access roads to airport by driving airport car and walking.
Escorts Vehicle Parking Lot Attendants to the Director's Office when they are turning in monies collected.
Provides vehicle escorts in the airport movement areas.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Writes and maintains records and reports such as Bomb Threat-call Checklist, Police Desk Blotter Sheet, Offense/Incident Report, Citation, and Aircraft Removal Release Form.

Writes incident reports for violations of local, state and federal laws.
Completes Police Desk Blotter Form which shows everything that has happened on an assigned shift using an electronic typewriter.
Completes incident/offense report such as accidents and individuals damaging airport property.
Writes parking citation for vehicles left unattended in front of the airport terminal.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Works with and assists City, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in performing police duties.

Notifies FBI, automatically, of those violating federal laws.
Assists law enforcement agencies as required.
Arrests and detains individuals who have violated or suspected of violating city, state and federal laws.
Assists Alabama National Guard Security Police when requested.
Checks with airlines to see if a wanted individual is on a flight and notifies the Alabama Bureau of Investigation or Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Investigates drug trafficking tips and notifies law enforcement agency of the findings.
Checks with the airlines to see if a run-a-way has bought a plane ticket and the destination of the flight.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Assists and gives information to the public.

Gives information about the arrival of flights.
Explains policies and procedures to the public such as non-smoking policy in the terminal.
Administers first aid as needed until emergency medial technicians arrive.
Closes vehicles' doors and windows that are in the airport parking lots.
Contacts individuals whose property was found.
Operates the computer terminal, entering and retrieving data in order to issue, validate and void airport identification badges, to operate all alarm control points for gates, to retrieve reports required by FAA, and to back up on disk information stored on computer.
Conducts audits of all restricted area access cards using the computer terminal in order to determine the number of cards lost, recovered and active.
Controls and issues keys through the use of a computer terminal and a biaxial key making machine for high security locks.
Prepares and issues airport identification badges using the computer terminal, a laminating machine and a video camera.
Maintains security and key control files.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Supervises Airport Police Officers on an assigned shift.

Reviews reports submitted during the shift to ensure that each report is accurate and complete.
Ensures that all duties are carried out in accordance with Airport Policies and Procedures.
Accounts for all police property assigned for use and ensures that it is in good working order.
Assists in scheduling and training of subordinates as directed by supervisors.
Advises superiors of serious incidents which occur in their absence as directed.
Approves and schedules leave.
Resolves personnel disputes in order to keep incidents from escalating.
Counsels employees on work performance and/or personal problems.
Knowledge of the Rules of Criminal Procedure (Title 13) to include arrest laws and procedures as needed to gather evidence, facilitate apprehension of a criminal, and present testimony.

Knowledge of applicable motor vehicle laws governing moving violations as needed to stop or ticket motorists.

Knowledge of general crime prevention patrol procedures to include security checking, identification of stolen vehicles, identification and apprehension of drug transport vehicles as needed to detect possible crimes in progress in the airport terminal and on perimeter grounds.

Knowledge of alarm locations at the various gates and buildings to include checking, disarming and resetting alarms as needed to ensure gates and buildings alarm systems are working correctly.

Knowledge of the Airport Police Department's Standard Operating Procedures to include terminal and perimeter grounds gates, handling bomb threats, handling highjackings, lost and found, when and how to contact other law enforcement agencies as needed to ensure situations are handled effectively, safely, and within the law.

Knowledge of the layout of the airport terminal and perimeter grounds to include building and gates as needed to facilitate responses and ensure all areas are patrolled.

Knowledge of domestic violence laws to include making arrests without a warrant as needed to respond to domestic violence situations in the airport, and protect self, public, and other officers in those situations.

Knowledge of the different types of crimes such as felonies, misdemeanors, and violations as needed to effect lawful arrests and ensure protection of a suspect's rights.

Knowledge of the Airport Police Department's personnel policies regarding chain of command, leave, overtime, work assignments, rules of conduct, and dress codes as needed to ensure policies and procedures are followed.

Knowledge of search and seizure laws to include the criteria needed for probable cause, legal searches, and requirements for a search warrant as needed to locate evidence of a crime.

Knowledge of field interviewing questioning format and procedures as needed to obtain information from suspects, criminals, and witnesses.

Knowledge of 10-code systems and radio procedures as needed to communicate with other officers, dispatch and other law enforcement agencies in response to situations and emergencies.

Knowledge of reports and forms used by the Airport Police Department to include proper completion and which paperwork is appropriate for various situations as needed to document police activities and incidents and offenses that take place within the airport perimeter.

Knowledge of law enforcement equipment including pistols, batons, mace, walkie-talkies, and/or flashlights as needed to maintain equipment in proper working conditions and use equipment properly.

Knowledge of the response procedures for aircraft accidents to include setting up security corridors (area security), coordinating work with other responding agencies, and providing escort for personnel as needed to assist in handling aircraft emergencies.

Knowledge of the procedures for protecting a motor vehicle accident scene as needed to direct traffic, call emergency personnel, and document and protect evidence as needed to handle accident situations effectively.

Knowledge of city, state, and local laws pertaining to the Montgomery Airport Authority as needed to handle incidents at the Airport terminal and surrounding areas.

Knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration regulations pertaining to the Montgomery Airport Authority as needed to handle incidents at the Airport terminal and surrounding areas involving FAA rules violations.

Knowledge of first aid principles and be able to demonstrate skill in the application.

Skill in the use of firearms as required to meet the State of Alabama minimum standards requirements for law enforcement officers.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing as needed to prepare clear and definitive reports of all police and law enforcement activity.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to supervise employees assigned to a specific shift as needed to assign work duties and ensure employees complete assigned work and follow Airport and Airport Police Department rules and procedures.

Ability to counsel employees as needed to assist employees in personal matters, encourage positive work performance and ensure all employees know and understand Airport Police Department rules and procedures.

Ability to confront and manage difficult situations including irate public citizens as needed to quickly resolve the situation and limit disruption in and around the airport facility.

Ability to fill in for the Police Sergeant in their absence.

Ability to react calmly, quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Ability to calm others down in situation causing stress such as flight delays or canceled flights.

Ability to communicate courteously and effectively with the public, airport personnel, checkpoint personnel, and law enforcement agencies as needed to effect and maintain satisfactory relationships.

Ability to interact with various parties at the airport including ticket agents, security personnel, maintenance personnel, rental agents, co-workers, and supervisor as needed to coordinate work activities and discuss any usual activities that may be taking place.

Ability to interact effectively with public citizens in the airport as needed to provide information and handle irate citizens, and establish rapport.

Ability to demonstrate the appropriate level of firmness in dealing with others to include suspects, angry public, distraught individuals who need to be calmed down as needed to control situations effectively.

Ability to work well with and assist other officers in situations that demand cooperation, trust and support as needed to ensure all situations are handled lawfully, effectively, and safely and ensure public and property protection.

Ability to size up situations and make quick decisions on how best to solve a situation lawfully, ensure the safety of self, other officers, and the public.

Ability to drive an automobile in order to patrol airport property and transport violators to jail.

Ability to operate the computerized security system as needed to conduct security functions such as validating and voiding badges.

Ability to operate a personal computer to include keyboard functions, use of passwords, and menu functions as needed to complete police forms and reports.

Physical ability to walk for extended periods as needed to patrol areas in and outside of the terminal.

Physical ability to exert muscle force as needed to restrain suspects and/or push vehicles.

Physical ability to coordinate movement of upper and lower body as needed to climb fences, restrain individuals, and drive vehicles.

Physical ability to stand for long hours, walk and climb stairs in order to inspect equipment and patrol airport terminal and grounds.

Physical ability to climb fences as needed to apprehend suspects.

Physical ability run as needed to apprehend suspects and respond to building and fire alarms.

Physical ability to lift objects such as injured persons, boxes, equipment, and supply boxes.

Physical ability to push objects such as stalled vehicles out of the roadway to clear the roadway.

Physical ability to climb into small spaces as needed to check in buildings, and climb in and out of vehicles.

Physical ability to maintain POST physical fitness standards on a yearly basis.
Must have at least 18 months' experience as an Airport Police Officer with the Montgomery Airport Authority.
Must submit to a 5-year employment background check to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration requirements. Ability to work nights, shifts, and weekends. Must meet the requirements for a police officer established by the State of Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission.
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