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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Maintenance Foreman
This is skilled work in the maintenance and repair of Lagoon Park facilities. Employees in this class are responsible for performing routine cleaning or maintenance of buildings and equipment to include plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning repair and mechanical work or for supervising staff in the performance of these duties. Work is performed under general supervision.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Conduct daily inspections of facility and schedule and perform skilled maintenance and repair work on buildings and equipment using hand and electric power tools to include plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning work or oversee or assist with the work performed by other staff.

Replace incandescent lights at varying heights of up to 40 feet using ladders, and lifts as needed to reach lighting.
Inspect and repair or replace plumbing fixtures to include repairing faucets, flushing valves, unstopping drains, etc.
Repair or replace light switches and receptacles to include rewiring and installing new receptacles.
Adjust, repair or replace door latches, knobs and hinges.
Schedule repairs and maintenance work conducted by outside contractors or other city departments.
Paint walls, ceilings, doors etc. as needed using brushes, ladders, etc.
Repair small equipment to include replacing thermostats on water fountains, repairing appliances, etc.
Conduct visual inspections of facility and make structural repairs as needed to include patching cement floors, grouting bricks, etc.
Repair housekeeping equipment to include garbage carts, trash compactor, vacuum cleaners, etc. to include replacing or repairing parts.
Repair, replace or install vinyl and ceramic tiles as needed in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, etc.
Connects or disconnects irrigation pipes using snap lock or wrench to tighten collar clamp.
Attaches or unattaches revolving sprinkler head to pipes at designated points along pipeline.
Adjusts controls to operate the sprinkler system to ensure uniform distribution of water to all areas.
Lubricates, adjusts, and repairs or replaces parts of sprinkler systems such as sprinkler heads to maintain the system.
Repair tables, chairs, and dollies to include repairing legs, wheels, and cushions, etc. using welding equipment, hand and electric tools.
Change fuses or reset breakers in panel boxes as needed to ensure equipment is operating.
Reset pneumatic controls as needed in order to adjust or reset temperatures and to reset automatic timers as needed.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Inspect, repair and maintain pneumatic heating system to include changing heat strips, oil and filters, repairing compressors, etc.
Inspect, repair and maintain pneumatic or direct expansion air conditioning systems using hand tools, amp or ohm meters, etc. to include changing oil and filters, compressors, condensing fan motors, and exhaust fans, checking belts, changing fuses, washing coils, recharging unit with freon etc.
Inspect, repair and maintain hot water heaters to include checking belts on exhaust fans, oiling fans, etc.
Repair sheet rock.
Maintain department vehicles to include cleaning, conducting minor maintenance work, etc.
Repair or replace appliances to include electric stoves, ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Clean inside and outside of facility in absence of staff or as needed, to include offices, storage areas, rest rooms, etc.

Wash lower level windows and glass doors.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Vacuum or wash, dust mop, wax or buff hardwood, ceramic tiles, carpet, marble or tile floors.
Pick up trash and debris from offices and outside.
Clean basins, toilets, sinks etc. in rest room and kitchen facilities.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Supervises routine janitorial or maintenance work performed by staff or building maintenance crews and schedule and assign work as needed.

Order janitorial supplies or oversee the ordering of materials and supplies.
Review and assign daily work orders to staff.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Oversee and inspect the work performed daily by staff to ensure work is performed correctly and on schedule.
Prepare a routine maintenance schedule and list of duties and update as needed.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Assist in preparing the facility for special events to include golf tournaments and dinners by setting up equipment, cutting on heating or cooling systems, etc.

Hang and pull curtains and banners as needed to use for back drops.
Set up or cover tables, chairs, podiums, or other equipment as indicated on diagrams for special events.
Load or unload supplies or materials to be used for special events or by the facility.
Cut on heating and air conditioning systems as needed for special events as scheduled.
Run errands as requested to include delivering bulk mail to the post office, picking up materials or supplies, etc.
Construct or tear down special event set-ups by setting up or tearing down temporary dividers, rods, stands, and curtains.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Set up power transformers as needed to provide supplemental electricity to include connecting transformer to panel breaker box, connecting wire cables to transformer, etc.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Construct or install equipment as needed for use in the facility to include chair, table, or curtains using dollies, shipping crates, storage boxes etc.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Install conduit and wiring fixtures as needed for installing lighting.
Construct carts, shipping crates, platforms or boxes as needed for storing supplies or equipment.
Knowledge of building maintenance/repair methods, practices, tools, and materials used by major building trades to include carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning as needed to do maintenance and repairs to facility.

Knowledge of the standard practices, materials and tools used in electrical repair work to include installing or replacing wiring, connecting transformers, etc.

Knowledge of the operation of commercial pneumatic heating and air conditioning systems in order to detect and identify problems.

Knowledge of the safe and proper use of hand, bench and electric tools.

Knowledge of the standard practices, materials and tools used in the repair and maintenance of commercial heating and air conditioning systems to include volt and ohm meters.

Knowledge of accepted maintenance methods and techniques used during maintenance of a commercial facility.

Knowledge of cleaning supplies, materials, and equipment and their proper use.

Knowledge of accepted local or state building and electrical codes and regulations and manufacturers' specifications.

Knowledge of department and City rules and regulations or policies and procedures to include procurement procedures and building maintenance regulations.

Skill in the proper and safe operation of hand tools and power or electrical tools to include saws, drills, levels, transit, etc. as needed to conduct building maintenance and repairs.

Skill at repairing and maintaining commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

Skill at constructing items to include crates, storage boxes, platforms, dollies, etc.

Skill in operating motorized vehicles.

Ability to establish and maintain effective work relations with employees, supervisors and with the public to include vendors and contractors.

Ability to schedule and evaluate the work of custodial or building maintenance staff and to provide directions or guidance as needed.

Ability to schedule, assign and evaluate and inspect the work of skilled and unskilled workers.

Ability to work shift work, nights, weekends and holidays.

Ability to follow verbal instructions or directions in order to complete repair or maintenance work.

Ability to plan, schedule and prioritize work to be performed in order to meet deadlines.

Ability to communicate orally in order to relay information or instructions to staff.

Ability to estimate materials needed to complete a job by observing the site or equipment.

Ability to add, subtract, multiply or divide as needed to determine materials and supplies needed to prepare annual budget, to estimate square footage, door heights, window widths, cost estimates, etc.

Ability to demonstrate proper maintenance procedures or methods to subordinates or to recommend the most cost effective and efficient methods.

Ability to read diagrams and to determine how to set up for special events.

Physical ability to lift heavy items weighing up to 75 pounds to include tables, crates, etc.

Physical ability to work at heights up to 40 feet in order to replace or repair lights, install wiring, etc.

Physical ability to crawl, climb, stoop or bend as needed to perform job duties.

Physical ability to walk a distance of 1/4 mile around golf course to observe facility and make repairs.

Physical ability to climb ladders as needed to paint, hang sheetrock, etc.
High school diploma or GED equivalent. Must have at least eighteen months experience working in a major building trade such as carpentry, masonry, etc.
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