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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Wildlife Museum Attendant II
The fundamental reason that this position exists is to manage the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum at the Montgomery Zoo. Major work functions include managing the museum, managing the gift shop, directing and supervising employees, assisting visitors, and performing miscellaneous duties related to housekeeping and security. Supervision is received from the Deputy Zoo Director and is exercised over the Wildlife Museum Attendant I classification.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Manages the Wildlife Museum using computer, telephone, fax machine, and schedules following department guidelines and procedures of the museum in order to provide information to the public.

Assists in preparing and administering the museum's operating budget.
Submits invoices for payment of monies owed to the museum.
Coordinates the membership program in order to maintain accurate and up-to-date records and files on memberships and to secure support for the museum.
Coordinates museum events and special events for the public such as birthday parties, receptions, etc. in order to ensure that events at the museum are well effective and organized and meet the needs of the customer.
Explains museum policies, services, etc. to individuals wanting to schedule events at the museum.
Creates written documents such as letters, memos, various reports, brochures, and press releases utilizing desktop publishing and spreadsheet and word processing software.
Ensures that sufficient supplies are available to operate the museum.
Listens to and resolves customer complaints regarding service, product, or personnel.
Prepares and submits weekly admissions and sales reports to Zoo Administration, to include daily, weekly attendance and revenue records that reflect year-to-date totals and per capita for admissions and gift shop.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Manages the Wildlife Museum's gift shop using computer, telephone, purchase orders, fax machine, following department guidelines and procedures of the museum in order to provide service to the public and to achieve revenue goals set by the Zoo Director.

Conducts daily and monthly inventory checks to ensure sufficient stock levels of popular items and necessary supplies needed for daily operation.
Researches and selects merchandise for the gift shop to include contacting vendors, negotiating terms, preparing purchase order and obtaining approval and placing orders with vendors using fax machine and telephone.
Receives, inspects, and stores incoming merchandise to include accuracy of description, quantity and acceptable quality and condition.
Returns damaged merchandise to and discusses order discrepancies with vendors.
Calculates prices of merchandise in accordance with policies and stamps, attaches, or changes price tags on merchandise, referring to price list.
Designs and sets up advertising signs and displays merchandise on shelves, counters, or tables to attract customers and promote sales.
Assists customers with product purchases or special orders.
Itemizes and totals customer merchandise selection at check out counter, using cash register, and accepts cash or charge card for purchases.
Answers questions and advises customers in selection of merchandise.
Balances accounts for daily sales and expenditures to include preparing cash receipts for bank deposits, balancing the cash drawer, and signing and dating invoices.
Monitors daily cash flow of gift shop including admission fees to include preparing and supervising daily deposit of funds.
Maintains files of sales history to include purchase orders, material receipts, correct cost of goods received, quantity and quality of received goods, and vendor catalogs and price lists in order to track merchandise and vendors.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Directs and supervises employees engaged in sales, inventory-taking, reconciling cash receipts, and guiding visitors within a museum following city personnel policies and federal and state guidelines in order to ensure that visitors and the public receive consistent, reliable service and to ensure that work is performed efficiently.

Demonstrates the appropriate method of completing tasks to employees.
Plans and prepares work schedules and assigns employees to specific duties.
Promptly advises or responds to questions from employees.
Monitors and evaluates employees' work performance and counsels employees who fail to perform work within established guidelines and standards.
Recommends disciplinary action to improve unsatisfactory performance to include verbal and written reprimand.
Reports recurring or serious problems of performance to supervisor.
Assist in hiring and interviewing staff for vacant positions.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Assists visitors in the wildlife museum using interpretive information and following museum and zoo policies and procedures in order to share exhibit and wildlife information with the public.

Develops full knowledge of background information for exhibits and related activities within the museum.
Greets and registers visitors.
Collects tickets and fees for entrance to the museum.
Operates and monitors the audio visual equipment used to present information to visitors.
Conducts tours by escorting visitors through the museum and explaining exhibits.
Describes points of interest within the museum and responds to questions about the exhibits and wildlife from visitors.
Monitors visitors' activities and cautions visitors not complying with museum regulations.
Provides directions and other pertinent information to visitors.
Distributes brochures, conveys background information, and explains museum processes and operations to visitors.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Performs miscellaneous duties related to housekeeping and security, security system, and keys using cleaners following museum and zoo policy and procedure in order to ensure the security and appearance of the museum.

Opens and closes museum to include opening and securing windows and doors and activating and deactivating a security alarm in order to ensure the security of the facility.
Reports exhibit, equipment and facility problems to management for maintenance and/or correction.
Conducts light housekeeping duties such as cleaning the display cases, shelves, etc. in the gift shop, cleaning the display glass of exhibits, and collecting trash.
Maintains cleanliness and order to museum and gift shop including rest rooms.
Knowledge of retail sales to include purchasing, merchandising, inventory control, pricing and display techniques as needed to ensure quality, affordable merchandise is available, accessible and pleasingly displayed to the customers.

Knowledge of effective customer service practices to include dealing courteously with the public, rectifying the situation until the customer is satisfied, and knowing when to go to the next supervisory level with a problem as needed to promote a positive image for the museum, resolve complaints and create an enjoyable leisure experience for the visitor.

Knowledge of budget process as needed to implement the museum's budget.

Knowledge of the City of Montgomery personnel rules, regulations and procedures to include procedures for requesting and reporting annual, sick, compensatory leave and other employee benefits as needed to submit personnel action forms, and supervise subordinates.

Knowledge of museum policies, practices and procedures as needed to perform tasks appropriately and to explain policies to the public.

Knowledge of North American wildlife as needed to understand exhibits and answer questions from the public regarding the exhibits.

Knowledge of computer software to include desktop publishing and spreadsheet and word processing software as needed to develop and create letters, memos, reports, brochures, press releases, etc.

Ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of subordinates to include setting and enforcing performance standards in a fair and impartial manner, evaluating performance, counseling employees, training, and discipline as needed to ensure that work is being performed correctly and in a timely manner.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with merchandisers, vendors, zoo staff, community and business leaders, the media and the public as needed to gain support, provide information and negotiate for goods and services.

Ability to develop and administer policies, procedures, goals and objectives as needed to ensure consistent and quality services for the public and to ensure the security of the museum and its exhibits.

Ability to plan and organize work schedules, tour schedules, and group events as needed to ensure sufficient coverage of employees and ensure the success of tours and events.

Ability to interpret policy and procedures for employees and the public as needed to ensure compliance with and understanding of policy and procedure.

Ability to read and understand interpretative information, policies, and procedures as needed to provide information to the public and perform tasks in accordance with policy and procedure.

Ability to learn from written and oral instructions, information, and demonstrations as needed to develop the knowledge needed to understand exhibits and answer questions from the public regarding the exhibits.

Ability to remember information such as words, numbers, pictures, and procedures as needed to learn and remember information about the exhibits and any other relevant information that the public might need to know.

Ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand as needed to explain exhibits, provide information to the public and make presentations to various groups.

Ability to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand as needed to develop memos, letters, reports, etc.

Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences as needed to assist the public.

Ability to deal courteously and tactfully with the public as needed to present a positive and helpful attitude to the public.

Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide as needed to make change, balance cash register drawer and receipts, count inventory and prepare reports.

Ability to operate a computerized cash register as needed to make sales to visitors.

Ability to operate audio visual equipment as needed to start, stop and make minor adjustments to the equipment being used to make presentations to visitors.

Ability to understand and follow specific instructions and procedures as needed to comply with those instructions and procedures.

Ability to safely use cleaning equipment and supplies as needed to ensure the proper appearance of the museum.
One year of experience supervising employees involved in public contact work that includes making money transactions.
Work will include nights, weekends and holidays.
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