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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Security Officer
The fundamental reason this position exists is to provide security and protection to the Public Works Facility employees, visitors, and property. Employees in this class are rotating shift workers that provide twenty-four hour securities of persons and property. Security Guards are on duty on holidays, weekends, nights, and on-call as needed. Employees are directly supervised by the Custodial Services Supervisor.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION - Provides security and protection of facility employees, visitors, and property using a two-way radio, log sheet, telephone, flashlight, and keys following Public Works Facility security policies and procedures in order to ensure that the buildings, grounds, property, and equipment are safe and no breech of security occurs.

Maintains constant watch for and reports unusual conditions to the appropriate authority.
Maintains facility parking rules and policies to include proper vehicle parking and ensuring the fire lanes remain open.
Performs visual checks of the premises to include observing for prowlers, fire, or other danger of loss or damage to property and equipment.
Provides information and directions to facility visitors to include permitting or denying access to the Facility.
Completes reports of any incidents, emergencies, accidents, crisis situations and submits to supervisor.
Maintains a log of incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic to include documenting vehicle characteristics such as make, model, color, and license plate number of vehicles.
Receives after-hour emergency phone calls to include asking probing questions to determine the specifics of the call and contacts the appropriate emergency response unit.
Maintains an open line of communication with the night watchmen during night patrol.
Consults with the previous shifts=s officer to receive any special shift instructions or updates.
Announces visitors for all Public Works department Directors and Assistant Directors.
Secures facility gates after regular hours.
Distributes and collects employment applications for laborer positions at the Public Works Facility.
Knowledge of Facility rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to include operations procedures, fire and safety procedures, and admittance policies, as needed to identify problems or potential problem situations.

Knowledge of Public Works Facility department composition and locations as needed to provide accurate directions to facility visitors.

Knowledge of security procedures to include post duty assignments and open/closing duties, as needed to provide security and protection for the Facility.

Knowledge of basic first aid, emergency and evacuation procedures to include alerting and directing staff and visitors to a safe area, and contacting appropriate emergency personnel for assistance, as needed to carry out safety procedures established by the Facility and to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

Knowledge of standard radio codes, to include their meanings, and the proper procedure for communicating them, as needed to use a two-way radio to receive and transmit calls.

Skill in reading at a level to interpret and to comprehend text such as memos and notices as needed to provide information to others.

Ability to use sound judgment and make mature decisions as needed to protect visitors and facility property and equipment.

Ability to analyze situations and to react using sound judgment as needed to determine the proper course of action to be taken.

Ability to remain alert and react quickly in emergencies to include maintaining composure under stressful conditions and following appropriate procedures, as needed to ensure the safety of staff, visitors, and facility property and equipment.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions to include post assignments, special instructions, and procedural changes as needed to carry out daily security duties.

Ability to interact calmly and courteously with the public as needed to greet facility visitors.

Ability to communicate in writing to include the use of proper grammar and sentence structure as needed to complete incident reports and document visitor vehicle information.

Ability to communicate orally to include relaying information in a manner that can be easily understood by the listener as needed to provide directions to Facility visitors.
High school diploma or GED, and at least six months experience in security work protecting persons and property or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
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