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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Tag and Licenses Supervisor
The fundamental reason the classification exists is to supervise a variety of functions and complete tasks related to tags, titles, and licenses within the Probate Office to ensure the accurate collection and submission of fees. The Tag and License Supervisor differs from the Assistant Tag and License Supervisor in that the former is responsible for the overall management of the probate sub-station. Essential functions are: performs administrative duties; maintains inventory of tags, decals and licenses; performs public relations duties; supervises two or more full-time employees; and verifies accuracy of fees and data collected. Employee reports to the Chief Probate Clerk.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Performs administrative duties using the computer, calculator, following State Laws governing probate operations in order to ensure smooth operation of office, maintain inventory records, and maintain expertise.

Attends staff meetings of probate supervisors.
Fills-in for clerks (tags, licenses) when there is a staff shortage.
Ensures adequate office supplies and orders additional ones when necessary.
Makes change for the clerks' cash drawers.
Obtains change from the bank.
Obtains customer information and appropriate documents in order to process refunds.
Attends workshops and training to remain current on changes and maintain expertise.
Attends training on new computer programs.
Reads current publications to maintain expertise and provide information to others.
Reviews changes in laws and regulations that affect the job.
Files tag receipts for record purposes.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Maintains inventory of tags, decals and licenses using bill of lading, inventory lists, computer and telephone in order to track materials and ensure all materials are accounted for (either sold or on hand).

Compares State bill of lading to actual shipment of new tags, decals, and licenses to verify accuracy.
Matches sold and in-house tags quarterly against inventory list to make sure all are accounted for.
Verifies the records of tag and decal books that are received.
Manually sifts through left over tags; boxes and list the beginning and ending numbers on the outside of the box for inventory purposes.
Organizes leftover annual tags for transport to accounting for auditing.
Contacts businesses who have bought large number of tags to investigate and locate missing tag numbers.
Stores voided and left over licenses for the year.
Keeps log of decal books and numbers given to each clerk.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Performs public relations duties using computer, price lists, Code of Alabama, notary seal, and the telephone in order to maintain a positive image for probate office, satisfy customers, and provide information to the public and outside agencies.
Resolves customer complaints by providing specific information, submitting documents, and looking up data.

Answers general questions from the public.
Quotes prices for fees (tags and licenses) to the public.
Researches general information for the public and other agencies.
Notarizes documents for the public as specially requested.
Informs State employees and other agencies of errors and problems on documents submitted.
Attempts to accommodate special requests for specific tag numbers by searching through tag boxes.
Consults with other agencies to obtain clarification on how to charge customers with special circumstances.
Researches information in the Code of Alabama or in manuals/pamphlets to answer questions.
Communicates with other supervisors and co-workers to obtain information and resolve problems or errors.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Supervises two or more full-time employees using time sheets, leave forms, computer and calculator following Montgomery City/County Personnel Rules and Regulations and Employee Handbook in order to ensure effective performance of employees and consistent application of all policies and procedures.

Schedules and approves leave of employees.
Conducts performance counseling and applies progressive discipline with employees regarding work habits or other work performance problems.
Documents performance problems of employees after discussing the problem with the employee.
Verifies time sheets of employees for accuracy.
Calculates compensatory time and verifies the time written in by the employee matches sign in/out sheet.
Trains employees on work tasks.
Schedules lunches and breaks to ensure adequate staff at all times.
Ensures clerks sign in and out correctly.
Monitors work levels and adjusts work accordingly.
Completes performance evaluations for full-time and temporary employees.
Assigns duties to clerks.
Follows up with clerks to make sure they are doing work correctly.
Verifies leave balances available for use by employees.
Schedules training for staff.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Verifies accuracy of fees and data collected using computer, daily printouts, calculator, receipts, checks, daily money sheet, and Balance Sheet Log following departmental rules & regulations in order to ensure accurate collection of fees and maintain necessary documentation.

Runs End of Day Report.
Verifies cash, checks and credit cards to transaction totals on the End of Day Report.
Verifies accuracy of taxes and fees collected.
Investigates errors when clerks' drawers do not balance.
Assists clerks in balancing.
Contacts customer when additional money is required or refund is due.
Makes necessary corrections once errors are located.
Runs daily State Reports for MLI (Mandatory Liability Insurance), Titles, and Hunting & Fishing to ensure that the totals match End of Day Report totals.
Prepares daily cash deposit for bank.
Scans checks for electronic deposit.
Submits Electronic Title Applications to Alabama Department of Revenue and mails hard copies to complete process.
Organizes and sends End of Day reports along with bank deposit receipts to accounting.
Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to employment to include procedures for reporting a work-related injury or illness, rules for overtime, compensatory time, sick and annual leave, disciplinary procedures, laws pertaining to discrimination and harassment, and the American with Disabilities Act as needed to supervise subordinates.

Knowledge of the City of Montgomery Personnel Rules, Regulations and Procedures to include procedures for promotion, discipline, termination and procedures for requesting and reporting annual, sick and compensatory leave as needed to supervise and advise subordinates on current policies and procedures.

Knowledge of basic accounting principles to include debits, credits, and balance sheets as needed to complete daily and monthly audits, balance money against printed figures, and break down interest charges monthly.

Knowledge of computer to include keyboard layout, how to bring up computer, how to clear and move between screens, passwords, operator numbers, menus, deleting information, and function keys as needed to troubleshoot problems, enter information, and access information.

Knowledge of County Employee Handbook to include leave, insurance, retirement, workers' compensation, and Family Medical Leave Act as needed to supervise clerks and ensure compliance of self.

Knowledge of progressive discipline procedures found in Montgomery City-County Rules and Regulations to include discipline steps, necessary documentation, and notification procedures as needed to supervise clerks.

Knowledge of tag line operations to include sales tax computations, amount due, manual computation of fees, applicable penalties, calculating taxes due, escape codes, appropriate documentation required from customer, and appropriate affidavits to give to customers as needed to fill-in for tag clerks and supervise tag clerks.

Knowledge of title operations to include appropriate documentation required for different titles, applicable State laws, and vehicle inspection procedures as needed to fill-in for and supervise title clerks.

Knowledge of drivers' license operations to include identification required, collection of old license, appropriate documentation needed from customer, and selection of appropriate menu on computer as needed to fill-in for and supervise license clerks.

Knowledge of hunting, fishing, and boating license operations to include different types of licenses available, proof of residency, when reduced rates apply, correct fees for out of state licenses, and appropriate documentation required as needed to supervise and fill-in for license clerks.

Knowledge of personnel management practices such as documentation of performance and performance problems, conflict resolution, counseling techniques, and positive discipline as needed to manage and supervise employees and ensure their productivity.

Skill in oral communication to include breaking down technical information, logical ordering of information, and being clear and concise as needed to explain the Code of Alabama and other laws, regulations, and procedures to employees, the public, and other interested parties; resolve conflicts; obtain information; and ensure smooth operation of office.

Skills in math to include calculating percentages, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals as needed to count money, balance cash drawers and monthly report, calculate interest charges, calculate percentage of tags sold at each office, compute sales tax percentages, figure fees, and break down interest charges monthly.

Skill in reading at a level to comprehend complex text such as Code of Alabama, VIN Manual, new State laws and procedures as needed to ensure compliance with laws and procedures, provide information to others, identify fees for different situations, and ensure correct fee is charged.

Skill in writing to include correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraph structure/organization, clarity, conciseness, and logical ordering of information as needed to compose correspondence.

Ability to interact with others to include listening, hearing both sides without judging, using a calm and neutral tone of voice, being firm and courteous, being patient and tactful, and recognizing when to dispense with the discussion and cool off as needed to resolve conflicts, provide/gather information, assign work duties, coordinate with other supervisors and offices, and conduct performance counseling.

Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously to include being interrupted and returning to work immediately as needed to answer the telephone, respond to employee questions, and handle customer complaints.

Ability to work independently with little supervision to include time management and prioritization as needed to meet deadlines, troubleshoot problems, and locate errors.

Ability to continue working on a task for long periods of time without getting discouraged as needed to meet deadlines and balance cash drawers and monthly report.

Ability to pay attention to detail to include persistence, recognizing discrepancies, and isolating individual errors as needed to balance cash drawers and monthly reports.

Ability to plan and organize work for office and staff to include time management, prioritizing, measuring work load levels, and ensuring adequate staff levels as needed to supervise employees.

Ability to research and reference information in Code of Alabama, and other legal documents as needed to provide information, answer questions, and identify procedures in special situations.

Ability to solve problems to include identifying solutions, analyzing strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions, evaluating the impact of the solutions and making concrete corrections or changes needed to resolve conflict, complaints and work issues, improve productivity and work procedures, and handle multiple complex issues within a short time frame.

Ability to counsel employees regarding their work habits and/or work performances as needed to maintain and produce knowledgeable, quality employees.

Ability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of employees as needed to make assignments and determine training needs.

Ability to respond professionally to hostile/frustrated customers or employees in order to gather and exchange information as needed to solve problems and correct errors.

Ability to plan, direct and supervise the work of subordinates to include enforcing performance standards, evaluating work performance, providing guidance and monitoring subordinates performance standards in a fair and impartial manner as needed to ensure work assignments are carried out on schedule and in accordance with policies and procedures.
High school or GED equivalent. Two (2) years of probate office operations experience which includes tags, licenses and title office experience and one (1) year of supervisory experience, which includes six months as an Assistant Tag & License Supervisor with Montgomery County Probate Office.
Willingness to work overtime and to travel out of the county to attend workshops and training seminars.
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