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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

County Traffic Control Technician I
The fundamental reason that this position exists is to assist in the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and application of insecticide for mosquito control throughout the county. Essential functions include assisting in and applying pavement markings; assisting in constructing and installing traffic control signs; and applying insecticide throughout the county. General written and oral instructions are received from the County Traffic Control Supervisor; however, instructions may also be received from a Traffic Control Technician II or III. Technician I positions are distinguished from the Technician II positions in that II positions are assigned to operate traffic control installation equipment. The Technician I's operate the mosquito control truck and perform labor-oriented tasks while apprenticing for an II position. Technicians I's receive more direction in the performance of their duties.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Assists in and applies pavement markings for public right-of-way following specifications outlined in State and Federal Manuals on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and supervisor's instructions in order to ensure worn and/or damaged markings are replaced.

Assists in the operation of a highway paint striping truck and related equipment to apply pavement markings such as center lines, edge lines, and no-passing zones using traffic paint and reflective glass beads.
Assists in the application of raised pavement markers on roads using equipment that heats adhesive material to bond marker to road surface.
Assists in the application of railroad crossing legends and other emblems on roads using stencils, paint spraying equipment and thermoplastic legends with heat equipment.
Assists in the measurement and lay-out of road for painting markings.
Assists in the general maintenance on paint striping truck and other related equipment to include rebuilding paint pumps and guns, electrical wiring problems, cleaning fittings, and replacing heat exchangers.
Operates vehicle with flashing warning devices in order to control traffic during striping and pavement marking operations.
Operates a fork lift for loading and unloading materials related to traffic control devices and materials.
Assists in the inventory of all materials and devices used for traffic control.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Assists in and constructs and installs traffic control signs and devices using computerized sign making software, hand tools, and cutting tools for public right-of-way in accordance to the specification outlined in State and Federal Manuals on Uniform Traffic Control Devices in order to inform motorists of road conditions or restrictions.

Assists in the design and lay out of signs in accordance with accepted standards using a computer for layout and fabrication.
Operates power post puller to remove inadequate signs to include warning, regulatory, street name and stop signs.
Assists in cutting and mounting facing materials and letters on sign blanks according to prescribed standard format and methods.
Assists in operating the sign making computer system in order to design and print sign material.
Operates an air compressor with pneumatic post driver and power wrench for installing signs and driving posts into the ground.
Loads trucks with supplies, materials and equipment for installing, repairing or replacing road signs.
Constructs and maintains roadway barricades with traffic control signs and flashing lights.
Sets out barricades, warning signals and traffic cones and signs for road closing due to unsafe road conditions and construction.
Cuts or trims limbs which obstruct sign visibility or impede motorists.
Operates a fork lift for loading and unloading materials related to traffic control signs and devices.
Assists in the inventory of all materials used for traffic control signs and devices.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Applies insecticide throughout the county using a spray truck, chemicals and shift journals following the directions of supervisor, regulations issued by the State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, and insecticide mixing and application guides in order to control mosquitoes in the county.

Prepares chemicals for application following insecticide guidelines.
Fills spray equipment/truck ensuring no leakage or drainage.
Applies insecticide using a spray truck with mounted instrument panel following route and instructions established by supervisor.
Ensures safety to include wearing isposable gloves and aprons when in contact with chemicals and stopping spray for passing automobiles, pets, livestock, vegetation, ponds, etc.
Maintains and cleans equipment.
Assists with chemicals for herbicide application to include, preparation of chemicals, filling spray equipment, maintenance and cleanliness of vegetation management equipment.
Prepares documentation regarding the route taken, the miles traveled, the amount of insecticide applied, etc. for supervisor to include restricted areas of liability.
Skill in the use of light to medium equipment and hand tools to include air compressors, power wrenches, pneumatic post drivers and power post pullers as needed to remove and install sign post and signs.

Ability to acquire knowledge of the equipment used in the installation of traffic signs and street surface markings.

Ability to acquire knowledge of specialized paint equipment operation to include regulating spray as needed to apply appropriate pavement striping according to Manual guidelines.

Ability to acquire knowledge of the geography of the County including location of roads or the ability to acquire the knowledge rapidly.

Ability to acquire skill in the operation of a fork lift as needed to unload materials related traffic control signs and devices.

Ability to acquire knowledge of operation of personal computers to include using the keyboard and software as needed to design, layout, and print sign material.

Ability to acquire knowledge of specialized paint equipment operation to include pumps, pressure gauges, fluid nozzles flow rates, hand held sprayers as needed to maintain equipment and make minor repairs.

Ability to acquire knowledge of chemicals such as insecticides and herbicides, to include their purpose, their proper application, and safety precautions as needed to apply applications of chemicals.

Ability to calculate and measure mosquito insecticide for efficient application of chemicals as needed to safely control mosquitoes.

Ability to acquire knowledge of the standard policies, methods, tools and equipment used in the installation, maintenance and repair of traffic control signs and pavement markings.

Ability to acquire knowledge of occupational hazards and of applicable safety precautions in operating and sign installation equipment.

Ability to operate motor vehicles to include safety measures, capabilities and limitations as needed to perform traffic control tasks and operation of mosquito sprayer and equipment.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions from the supervisor as needed to complete assignments accurately.

Ability to acquire knowledge of preventive maintenance practices applicable to equipment operated.

Ability to install and maintain traffic control and warning devices to include barricades and other signs informing public of road conditions ahead.

Ability to operate computerized mosquito spraying equipment to include control panel and switches.

Physical abilities to assist in maneuvering 715 drum of paint with the aid of hand held drum trucks.

Physical abilities to climb heights and work at heights of up to 12 feet as needed to install traffic signs.

Physical ability and strength to perform heavy manual work under varying weather conditions.

Physical ability to lift weights up to 100 pounds unassisted such as a post driver.

Physical abilities to perform work for extended periods of time, weekends, holidays and be on call to handle emergencies 24 hours a day.

Physical abilities to stoop, stand, bend, crouch, crawl and walk on uneven surfaces and heights while performing work or visually inspecting equipment.
High school diploma or GED and three (3) months experience installing and maintaining traffic control devices; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Must possess and maintain a valid Alabama driver's license and an insurable driving record. Must be willing to be on-call during emergencies. Ability to obtain an Alabama Commercial Driver's License as needed.
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