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Job Description

Detailed information on the job is provided below.

The job description does not necessarily include all the duties which may be required of individual employees in the classification. Job descriptions may be revised as needed.

Street Construction Foreman (Asphalt)
The fundamental reason this position exists is to supervise a group of workers engaged in performing street maintenance and construction projects. Employees in this class have supervision over moderate-sized crews which may include equipment operators as well as laborers on unskilled or semi-skilled manual operations. The essential functions of this position include: supervises and monitors work crews and performing administrative duties. Responsibility includes effectively laying out work and maintaining work schedules and giving technical instructions as required. Work is received in the form of specific assignments and frequent conferences with a superior and is inspected occasionally while in progress and upon completion. The incumbents are supervised by the Street Construction Supervisor.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The list of essential functions is to be used as a starting point to determine essential functions for a specific position at a specific location at a specific time. The ADA was intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that one position may differ from another similar position. The performance of "non-essential functions" is not optional for employees not covered under the ADA.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Supervises and monitors work crews in resurfacing, repairing, and constructing asphalt streets, parking lots, paths, and play areas in the City of Montgomery using city vehicles, blueprints, street lists, and a variety of heavy equipment, following departmental policies and procedures.

Meets with the supervisor each morning to discuss the progress on current jobs and additional jobs to be completed.
Reviews street list to identify the street priorities to be completed by the work crews.
Reviews the blueprints for the job to be completed.
Discusses problems or concerns, material cost estimates, and the need for additional equipment, manpower and material with the supervisor in order to make appropriate decisions.
Observes the crew's work to ensure work is completed properly and on time.
Monitors jobsite conditions to ensure the safety of the crew and the public.
Checks materials such as aggregate size and liquid content to ensure it meets requirements for specific jobs.
Calculates the amount of materials as needed to complete a project.
Supervises and assists in the widening of city streets.
Supervises and assists in the performance of new asphalt paving projects such as parking lots, jogging paths, and play areas.
Supervises and assists in resurfacing and repair projects.
Operates truck and participates in semi-skilled and other manual operations.
Operates and/or supervises the operation of heavy equipment such as trailer truck, steel wheel roller, rubber tire roller, asphalt spreader, distributer, etc.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Performs administrative duties in order to document the work activities of the work crews and maintain accurate personnel time records.

Keeps material, time, and work records.
Identifies the need for additional materials to complete assigned jobs.
Completes work schedules to document completed work assignments.
Maintains accurate input on daily work reports in order to document work hours of crew members.
Fills in roster book in order to detail who is working each day.
Knowledge of materials, methods and techniques commonly used in public works maintenance and construction activities.

Knowledge of general construction procedures to include environmental effects, application procedures, and proper equipment needed to install materials such as asphalt.

Knowledge of buildup material properties and application.

Knowledge of proper traffic control procedures to ensure the safety of work crews on the job.

Knowledge of the location of streets in the City of Montgomery.

Knowledge of asphalt constructions processes to include use of proper equipment, pouring asphalt, and asphalt materials.

Ability to lay out, direct and supervise the work of a crew performing maintenance and construction functions and to obtain efficient results.

Ability to understand and effectively carry out written and oral instructions.

Ability to interact and establish effective working relationships with employees, utility employees such as Water Works and the public as needed to discuss and coordinate work efforts.

Ability to communicate orally with crew members, supervisors, public, and other department personnel as needed to coordinate and exchange information regarding work activities.

Ability to calculate material cost estimates.

Ability to operate heavy street construction equipment such as asphalt spreader as needed to fill in for equipment operators when necessary and to supervise the equipment operators.

Ability to motivate work crews who work under stressful environments such as bad weather, traffic conditions and deadlines.

Ability to read blueprints for jobs to be completed.

Ability to communicate in writing as needed to complete department forms and paperwork.

Ability to perform basic math to include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as needed to compute material cost estimates.
Two (2) years of experience in the maintenance, repair, and construction of streets to include asphalt work, earth work ,and grading with at least one (1) year of experience in the supervision of laborers and construction workers or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have Class "A" Commercial Driver's License with Tanker Endorsement.
Must be willing to work weekends, nights and odd hours in order to complete projects. Must have and maintain a valid Driver's License and insurable driving record in order to operate City vehicles. On-call 24 hours as needed for special events, projects, and emergencies.
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